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Hikvision, Nest - audio recording

With Nest, keep in mind that there is no onsite DVR capability. If you want any recording capability, you have to create a on-going subscription with Nest to the tune of ~ $5/mo for each camera. This also forces you to provide a copy of the recorded data to Nest. I am comfortable with doing this for data collected outside my home. I would not do this for data collected inside my home.

If you plan to do any audio recording, make sure you check you local laws. Some states require two/all person consent to record audio.

A good combination may be one Nest with 5-day remote storage combined with an onsite DVR connected to multiple non-Nest cameras. This gives you remote monitoring/notification capability using the Nest app (via the single camera) and full coverage using the other (DVR-connected) cameras.

Check out Hikvision for a broad range of cameras depending on required resolution and capability. Some of their DVRs also allow you to view any camera stream on their app when the DVR and the device running the app are on the same LAN. I believe this can also be expanded to allow you to view any camera stream if the device running the app can connect to the DVR remotely (non-LAN).

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