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Originally Posted by zx10guy View Post
And I would look see what one of the car buying services will offer. I bet they'll offer more than your dealer. I used We Buy Any Car. They offered over double what Carmax offered. Walked out same day with check in hand.

get quotes from vroom, carmax, carvana and Use that for your basis of value at the dealership. remember though, depending on your state you can get a discount on taxes if you trade in to the dealer you are buying from. My state for example, only taxes you on the difference between trade in and purchase price. so if i was to sell to carmax, then buy from a different dealer, that tax amount can be significant. Dealers know this and will try to get their offer + tax break to equal your offers.

using kbb or truecar or any of those type of sites can give you an idea, but unless you have an actual offer, the dealership wont care.
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