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Beta has asked me to provide some dyno graphs.

Here is a UK specification Z4M (Has Euro Headers as stock) running equivalent US 93 Octane. No other modifications.

Please ignore the overall figures as this on our Dyno Dynamics which reads lower than what you are used to seeing on Dyno Jets.

It is the delta that is important.


Here is a US Z4M with CSL headers, Exhaust and 100 octane fuel. Car was previously tuned by another unknown company. So the baseline is already tuned.


I am not sure where some of the gains mentioned in this thread have come from! Must be a typo somewhere!

Realistic gains as can be seen on the dyno graphs is 14-17 WHP and 8-10 WTRQ. This only tells the story on WOT. Read our many reviews on the S54 engine to see how customers like the improved drivability with out tunes.

As FlipM3 has pointed out we can definitely remove CEL for cat delete/sport cats.

We have not developed AlphaN programming for the Z4M yet.

If you buy the tune now and need update later to account for a modification the cost would be $150.

Here is a picture of the Evolve-R in action on a Z4M.

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