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Just to share my input on a few things.

The Evolve-R PC software works with Windows7 with both Boot Camp and Parallels. I have run both setups, Boot Camp and Parallels, as well as both, 32bit and 64bit.

I think more realistic gains would be +15-20hp and +10-15tq. Evolve has shown tons of consistent dynos of tuning on otherwise stock E46 M3 (S54B32 but with MSS54 DME). They have consistently gotten solid gains, with some that have shown some very stronger than average bumps in power.

This tune is more than just power and torque. It's about the driving experience. Throttle response and feel is so much more linear. The car just starts up, idles, and drives smoother. If you can resist the constant temptation, you actually may see improved fuel consumption.

**These are impressions based off my tunes with my E46 M3. Same engine, different DME**

Originally Posted by trialskid View Post
is this worth it on a stock car?
I personally think that it is definitely worth getting. You will get power near the levels of getting headers, but this way, your car won't stink!!

Originally Posted by tikamak View Post
I will be doing this tune on euro headers diablo muffler and afe intake

Some say this can be worth 44 wtq, i hope evolve can offer a feedback about my mods and their tune
Honestly, I think realistic gains are much less than that. I think peak gains of +15-20hp and +10-15tq are more realistic. I know there were advertised gains like that in the past, but I think that may have been do to mistranslation or typos.

I could very well be wrong though.

Originally Posted by DanFromTucson View Post
I am in. Add me to the list.

I'm curious if they let you purchase different tunes as your mods change. For example, I don't have headers yet, but I likely will in the next year. Does anyone know?
Yes, they can definitely quickly send you new tunes. It costs $150.

Originally Posted by zubydafa View Post
thanks. i'll have that done around the time the cable is sent to me.

one more question:

i have deleted the primary cats...will the evolve tune accomodate for the service engine soon light?
Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
Are you 100% that he can remove the SES light for cat delete? if so i may be in. Its just so many have promised this and not delivered so im a little skeptical...
They can do more than just turn off the CEL. If you are 100% catless, they can turn off all CELs while keeping your sensors in ready state. That means you won't pull any error codes, no DTCs, no lights.

If you run high flow cats, they can dumb down the sensitivity of the post-cat O2 sensors so again, you don't pull any codes, no DTCs, no lights.

Finally, if you guys ever have any questions or want to know about my experience with Evolve, please feel free to PM me.

Everyone signup! Some of the best in the industry such as VS Motorsports and SonicMS became the first US dealers for Evolve for a reason. On top of that, there is a very good reason why Evolve has been tuning tons of cars all over the world, on almost every continent.
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