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Originally Posted by Captain Blood View Post
If enacted, this has all the built in misconceptions of obamacare, along with the unintended consequences:

New commercial buildings go up with no natural gas, creating more need for electricity, and it will be non-renewable energy.
Consumers will be less likely to want new the old, leaky infrastructure remains. Even by a few percentage points, the difference could be significant.
New builds (either commercial or residential) seemingly could be made more "leakproof". Leakproofing older infrastructure seems cost prohibitive, judging by the state of how we keep up other infrastructure (roads, electric grid, etc).

Bad idea.
I'm not sure where you are going with the "leakproof" comments. Are you saying that consumers won't want new houses if they don't use NG? If so, I'm not sure that is correct. First, I don't think the lack of NG would actually prevent most people from buying a house (it absolutely might for a very small percent. There are some very stubborn people out there). Second, some people actually prefer electric to gas.

Also, if new builds are made without gas in the first place, we don't need to be concerned about their leakproofness... It also seems like a bit of a strike against NG if the leakiness and infrastructure costs are such an issue...