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Originally Posted by cjb762 View Post
Wow - triggered much?

First, the article said that they are studying proposals, not enacting them.

Second, what is so terrible about looking for alternatives for finite, non-renewable resources? Oil, gas, and coal aren't going to last forever. Some studies estimate that the proved reserves of natural gas will last 50-90 years.

Do you really think that the best plan is to continue allowing billions in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, and ignore the problem in the hopes that it will just fix itself?
Best option is just to make believe we can solve our problems with building wind and solar farms and of course ban the sources of energy that actually work.. That is like trying to be a pro bodybuilder and planning to grow muscle by only drinking protein shakes. Wind and solar can supplement the grid, they can never be the backbone. And btw I been working in utilities for almost 13 years.

And if you actually read the article...

"Berkeley, California, in July became the first U.S. city to pass an ordinance banning gas systems in new buildings". That is an enactment right there.