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I would say it depends on your relationships perhaps... I am really cool with my local AD and in what I would consider an extremely hot market. Here is what has happened the last 3 months-

Local AD - I bought a SS sub with date in December from them, it was the only one they had but because I was cool with the sales lady; she called me first.

2 weeks later, Tourneau calls me and tell me they have the same model but I had already bought mine. This call, I am surprised I got but again; talking to a few people nicely helps.

Yesterday; I get a call from the above mentioned local AD about another black SS sub they have and if I know anyone interested in one. They can't sell it to me due to company policy of not selling 2 of the same watches to 1 one person. Again, I was called as one of the first people because I was cool with them.

I would agree; the open market and shelves don't stock many of these watches however if you are really cool with the right people; it's not an issue. If I wanted to play games; I could have had 3 within the last 3 months.