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Originally Posted by dre99gsx View Post
Been having a tough time since I bought this car. I have long legs, and to reach the steering wheel, I need to move the seat up quite a bit. This means I'm 'racing' with legs fairly bent, and I get fatigue after a few HPDE sprints.

Are there any secret adjustments I don't know about regarding moving the wheel closer to the driver? I used to drive with leg comfort, but would lock my arms straight on long tight turns, not good either since I would tire my arms out.

I could raise my seat a bit, but then my helmet won't clear the roof.

EDIT: Actually, nevermind. I can't move the steering wheel fore/aft (obviously), thus all I can do is work on adjusting the seat. Wish BMW allowed fore/aft wheel adjustment...
If you've got the adjustable steering column you should have about 5"-6" of fore/aft movement. It might be a bit stiff, but with the lock lever released you should be able to push the steering wheel in or pull it out.
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