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Originally Posted by dre99gsx View Post
Beating a dead horse here, but looking for some additional advice.

I'm on the 3.0si setup: Open 3.64 rear diff, stock rear/front sways, BC coilovers at 29front/25rear (30=full stiff) with 504front/672rear springs, -3fr/-2rear camber.

Car feels neutral and balance so far everywhere on the track, except I am spinning the inside-rear at corner exit for almost every turn. This has forced me to cruise and wait until perfectly straight before getting on the power. I can count on my fingers the seconds I lose per lap - sad.

I know the solution is an LSD, but before going there, any other things I can do to try to increase rear-inside-tire-grip on corner exit? I've read about removing the rear sway bar, but also hear it is not good for high speed corners or high speed stability.

It's been frustrating since I have all this torque but can use it.
Is the track you go bumpy or F1 kind of track?
If it's not F1 track, I wouldn't recommend removing rear bar. It really upsets the car mid corner when you hit uneven surface.
First your Reb comp settings are too extreme. It's not good to be close to the max or min.
Sorry did you have aero? If not, I would lower rear spring rates first
If yes, add front spring rates.

If you don't want to change springs try lowering rear compression

Another option would be adding front sway bar. I had same problems as you.
So I matched front and rear spring rates, and added a front bar.
I think you've read my thread with my experience.

I would definitely not play with diff at this moment. Try getting your suspension right
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