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Z4M Wheel Spacers Questions

I'm thinking that I want to knock out my wheels a little more to complete the look with the aero side skirts, but I know nothing about wheel spacers.

If someone could please help me with some questions, I did the search thing but want to make sure I got the right information.

1. I want to keep everything stock: wheels, springs, etc. The only non-stock items will probably be some Sumitomo HTR III's in the spring, will those tires affect my choice of spacers?

2. I don't want to risk any rubbing, what is the safest size wheel spacers for a stock setup that would make a visible difference? Again, I'd prefer to err on the side of safest, even if it is less a visual impact.

3. Once I buy the spacers, I will have to buy the coordinating lug nuts as well. On installation, is it as simple as taking the tire off, putting on the spacer, and using the new lug nuts?

4. What is the best place to buy them? I'm not really concerned about the weight and aerodynamics, just want a good quality, safe set.