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Originally Posted by nekky View Post
fack I'd be all over this if I didn't already have a coupe with the same mileage... I'm in Winnipeg if you're will to part out your S/C..

i can gaurantee he wont be parting put the s/c kit.... if you had any idea the ball-ache to get these fitted perfectly and running right youd know why!! Part out is just not an option for many of us s/c owners, hell it'd cost a small fortune, not to mention some small items that are modded to actually fit the s.c in the first place.

(on the passenger side rail theirs some studs welded to the chassis frame i had to remove one or two of them as they would penetrate the boost pipework whatever they were used for with the stock setup wouldnt be re securable in this location).

OP, this car WILL sell, just hold out, your offering a freakin bargain here!!! Really is a once in blue moon a car like this comes up......

keep coming back to this car and thinking WOW!!
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