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I like Coffee & Z4s.

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Lots of great comments.

when it comes down to R&D reputable aftermarket companies tend to do a lot. I had a very informative conversation the first time I rang into Apex for example.
This is something I feel the companies could and should be doing a better job of. The problem is, when you look at the product pages for MSC, Bilstein, Ohlins, KW, pretty much any suspension company, they don't really tell you what their goals were, what they compromised on, and in what ways it will differ from stock. How will the NVH be changed? Ride comfort? Will the car be more composed? How much stiffer will it be? There's no data available around any of this, which is a shame.

I can understand some of the reasoning, proprietary/trade secret. But I'm at a loss without that information, and can't justify a purchasing decision without it.

As for race shops, I don't have much experience. Perhaps because I live in NY where these are few and far between. Perhaps because I'm afraid to spend a bunch of money and not get a good result, or I can't trust someone unless they have specific experience with the Z4 and can explain what they felt could be improved and why, for what goal.

PS The fat cat motorsports guy, Shaikh, has some videos expressing the dissatisfaction above.
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