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I could only swing new pads, but this new service adviser is extremely chill. He asked me how many more track days I was planning before my warranty is up, and I told him 2 more. He suggested that I romp on my brakes as much as possible and hope for the rotors to be worn down to below spec
But with new pads, my brakes feel like-new already, so I'm excited to thrash them these next two outtings

edit: yup, just read up my service paperwork in more detail and it says...
L/F rotors measured @ 26.69mm
R/F rotors measured @ 26.60mm
Spec = 26.4mm

L/R rotors measured @ 19.75mm
R/R rotors measured @ 19.54mm
Spec = 18.4mm

So I'm close to getting new fronts, but not just yet for the rears

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