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Originally Posted by C5driver View Post
No direction,'s just an interesting article that presupposes a pairing of watches to their respective cars. It's so subjective that the only purpose would be to stimulate conversation, which by the number of posts to this thread, is failing miserably

It is a fun topic of sorts, but mostly for WISes (WIS = watch idiot savant) and watchies (watchie = people who are "into" watches, but who object to being though of as "idiots").

There's at least one thread on WUS covering the topic: .

The topic works well in watch forums because many folks having an interest in watches at least own a car and thus have at least some interest in them. The reverse, though true of some folks on a car forum, is far less assuredly so. Indeed, I can't even say with confidence that even half the people on B-post even regularly wear a watch.

As for the R&T article, it's nifty too. They chose some rather esoteric and/or exotic cars, so it's not as though that many folks are going to have a good enough sense of those cars to actually have a view on what watch make might correspond to them.

FWIW, Sinn seems to me like a reasonable fit for a BMW. But then do a great many other reasonably "well made and slightly less commonly seen" watches than Seikos and Citizens.

I don't own a Sinn, so for myself, I'll say an Omega Constellation Manhattan because, as my daily wear watch, it's the watch I'm most likely to be found wearing.

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