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Originally Posted by esqu1re View Post
Looks great. I assume you've liked the way they performed over the years?
1. Do you track it?
2. Still on the original discs?
3. What pads do you use in conjunction with them?

Sorry for so many questions...been looking for a good brake pad/disc combo for next year. Thanks.
1: I've had on average about 12 track days and 3-4 auto-crosses per year on these rotors for the last 4 years. Car's got ~30,000 on it, with about 28,000 miles spent on these rotors and if I had to guess? About 4,000 of those miles spent on the track.

2. Yes. I expect another 1-1.5 years on the original rotors before I need to change them. Although I thought that about a year ago. I wouldn't be surprised if I get more than 5 years of abuse, er, use out of it.

3. Cobalt XR3s for the last 3 year, Hawk DTC-60s this year, and RacingBrake ET500 pads for street and autocross use.

Originally Posted by mfanatic325 View Post
Damnnnn those are bankkk
You talking about the Performance Friction Direct Drive rotors? Yeah. They are BANK. But they are bank for a reason. True 2 piece floating rotors will do more for your braking system's cooling and longevity than any so-called "big brake kits" ever will. In fact, MY criteria for any brake upgrade involves 2 piece floating rotors, and the Direct Drives are about as good as they come. The RacingBrake rotors I have are just as good.

But if you think about it. The replacement rotors for the MZ4 Coupe and Roadster are $290 ea for the front and $225 ea for the rear. For a little bit more, you get a replaceable rotor ring, which means the NEXT time you need to switch rotors they'll be significantly cheaper. And they perform better too. So for $20-40 more, and if I have to replace the rotor anyway? NO BRAINER.

Originally Posted by vasaline View Post
Those rotors at racingbrakes are expensive! Almost 400 per rotor. Are there any cheaper alternatives? Definitely not looking forward to when I need my brakes changed.
Almost $400 per rotor, but the NEXT rotor change are around $150 ea (since you can keep the hub and just replace the rotor rings). BMW rotors are around $300 ea EVERY TIME since the floating pins are sandwiched between two castings.

And you're looking at suggested retail price I think. Any RacingBrake distributor will likely be able to get these rotors significantly cheaper than advertised.
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