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Originally Posted by rsutoratosu View Post
How did you cycle the fluid or bleed.. there is another user here asking, thanks !
the system is a self bleeding system, so all you have to do is fill it up and then cycle it several times while checking/filling until the level no longer changes and is at the desired level. i cycled the top while out of the car while on the homemade stand via 12 volt battery power.
the pump motor has an allen head screw on top of the white reservoir, that's where you can add fluid. i used a tiny funnel. my pump has a little line engraved in the reservoir and i filled it to that line. when i overfilled it, the whole system locked up. when that happened, i was able to loosen the screw and the system automatically pushed fluid out the fill hole.

hope that helps.

P.S.- the system needs to read full at the line when the top is compressed. the first time i filled it, i did so at the fully extended position, which is what led made it overfilled.

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