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Some updates with pics.

Here is the bracket that Corbeau sent me as the 1" universal bracket. The label says Porsche, Part# C22059. The label is on the forward side of the bracket.

I pulled the sliders off to drill the holes to mate up to to the VAC floor mounts. The blue arrows are the holes for the sliders, the red holes are the ones that I drilled for the floor mount after a lot of test fitting and measuring. The other holes are probably to mount the bracket to the floorpan of some Porsche car.

Here are close ups of the holes. It was really difficult to measure where exactly the holes needed to be, for various different reasons. So as you can see, I had to elongate the holes a bit. Red arrow points to the hole that needed to be drilled.

Front left:

Front right:

Rear left:

Rear right. Here you can see an area I cut out to give some clearance for the seat belt bracket. The seat belt bracket is on a slider which would allow it to clear on other cars, but the Z4 transmission tunnel is so close to the seat bracket, there is not much room for the bracket to slide out. So I cut out this portion (marked in yellow) to allow the bracket to sit straight forward and centered with the steering wheel. Otherwise the seat would be crooked or offset to the left:

View from above of the VAC floor adapters, seat belt brackets, OEM seat belt and Schroth harness mounted.

Seat installed w/harness. Harness is only for autocross use and the shoulder straps will be down and tied/wrapped somewhere behind the seat (too lazy to remove the lap belt bolts, so they will stay mounted). OEM seat belt is for street and track use.

I was a little worried because my battery was disconnected for some time but everything powered up no problem with no loss of memory/settings (other than reset trip odometer). And since I kept the stock seatbelt receptacle with wiring, the car properly senses the seatbelt and pyrotechnic tensioner.
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