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With the top UP and locked what happens when you push the 'top down' button on the center console.

If you hear the top unlock from the windscreen but not move, the most likely cause is the 'compartment floor' (CF) switch in the trunk. It is not a storage shelf....

The microswitch is common issue. Sometimes the CF moves a little and releases the switch. Another issue is that the engagement arm on the microswitch will come detached. To trouble shoot this you can do these steps:

Remove the microswitch assembly from the rear bulkhead. It is held on by, if I remember, one torx screw.
See pic 1

If the arm is installed, it could be bent or the switch is possibly broken.
Unhook the switch from the wiring harness and take a small wire and jumper the harness plug, then attempt to lower the top.

If the top lowers, there's your issue. You can keep the jumper installed, making sure the CF is always in the lowered position and order a new switch from BMW. It's around $35.00
Only the switch is replaced, NOT the entire assembly.
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