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Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Think those get you scoffed at more than keyed. You mainly get keyed when you act like a dick, not just appear to be one.

My jet black SL500 got keyed for no other reason than the fact that some shit didn't like the fact I had something he didn't, and I had the gall to rub it in his face by parking in his hood. All you have to do is put something in front of someone's face that rubs them the wrong way, and there are people who'll make sure you know they have a problem with it. Having a plate that encourages feelings of envy isn't a plate I'd ever put on my car. Not to mention I think plates like that send out the wrong vibe. I appreciate my car the same way that other people do when they see it and compliment it. I'd personally rather not have a plate on my car that tells everyone else "look what i got and you don't."

Just sayin'.

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