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As others have already said, seriously good write-up, OP. You do make someone feel like they're in the passenger seat.

Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
To expand on the attention the Z4M gets, I've
never driven anything that gets are much happy attention as this car. Not jealousy, not hate, but simply smiles and folks chatting me up about the car. Same thing happens to the wife--never fails that she doesn't come back every day or two with some story about a great 30 minute conversation she's had with some random person (enthusiast or otherwise). There's something about this car that just has an effect on people.
I've experienced the same thing. Since I bought the car 2 months ago, I've met about five new neighbors on my street who come up just to talk about the car. Not an iota of envy in the conversation, just pleasant conversation... "is it fun to drive?", etc. I literally am approached by strangers on a nearly daily basis with a smile and some variation of "hey, nice car!" I love the interaction, not out of a sense of gloating or whatnot, but because I feel the same admiration for the car that they do. There's something about the design that feels modern but timeless, and it definitely evokes emotional responses. It's a car that's beautiful enough to get admiring eyes from the general public, but not so much as to lug around too much pretense. It's the Matchbox car you always wanted when you grew up someday.

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