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Originally Posted by krnnerdboy View Post
I cracked mine over the weekend trying to get it on a uhaul car hauler for the track w/ my pregnant wife holding my screaming 1.5 yr old in her arms, trying to spot me up the ramps. When I had impacted the ramps I thought I had torn off my whole front bumper...instead I found a slightly chipped splitter with the overall integrity still intact. That fiber mat is sure strong! I'm in the process of painting it satin black to better match my grilles, not to mention the chips I already got from driving it on the highway under going pothole/asphalt construction. Maybe even a c/f vinyl wrap
That blows, but I'm glad to hear it's still in one piece.

Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
Hi everyone,

I just received my Mstache yesterday (thanks Steve!), and it looks great. It comes boxed up solid, and looks pretty cool.

HOWEVER, after test fitting it, there is simply NO way I'm going to put this on my car because I'm slammed already. I have to take bumps like 1mph now, there is simply no way this thing is going to stay in one piece on my car. Once attached to the bumper, I fear I'd crack alot more than the Mstache if it hit something.

I took a shot at it because of the great price, and it really is a nice piece. I just love the way my car sits right now, and don't want to raise it up to make this piece doable. Thus, if anyone wants to buy mine, please PM me. I was going to post a fs thread later, but if anyone wants one of these right now, PM me and it's yours. I'll sell it for exactly what I paid for it plus shipping to you.

Thanks again Steve for making the community a great product.
You're welcome. Too bad your car's too low, it would look awesome installed.