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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
What the hell is this?!? Where did this come from? This looks GREAT!! My car is pretty slammed, so I might have to bring it up a bit, but DEFINITELY put me down for one regardless of how many people we get. Way to go!!
Thanks NickyC, this is a special project I've been tinkering with. Glad you like it

Originally Posted by shimmy09 View Post
When can I pick it up? Lol sorry for my over eagerness
No worries shimmy, the GB will end on 5/20. You can pick it up on 5/21 or even sooner if the GB hits 10+ before 5/20.

Originally Posted by Z4Murder View Post
will this help create any downforce? i see it closes that gap and has a slight lip. i imagine it could help slightly?
The Mstache should generate more downforce. The middle portion reduces airflow going underneath the vehicle thus reducing lift and the full length of the extended lip will create downforce.

Originally Posted by ricanbandit View Post
How does it install? Looks great, gives it an extra something, but not as out there as some other lips.

I ask that cause I am awful at anything car related other than driving, so ease of installation is key for me
Installation is very simple. The lip attaches with double sided tape and a few screws underneath. No bumper removal or painting required. I can walk you through the process if you run into issues.

Originally Posted by MIKe86 View Post
+1, what's the cutoff time/apprx ship dates?
Thanks for asking, the GB ends on 5/20. I will ship out the orders within the week after the GB ends.

I will ship out the Mstaches sooner if we get 10+ orders before 5/20.

Originally Posted by jdl1pt View Post
How long is the GB going to run?

I'm considering in at 10, not a lock as of yet.
GB ends on 5/20. We're almost at 10. Join us

1. barryb97
2. NickyC
3. shimmy09
4. z4murder (in for 10+)
5. vicj (in for 10+)
6. MIKe86 (in for 10+)

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