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Originally Posted by Samjam927 View Post
Do you have sizes 18x8.5 and 18x9.5 sized for a Z4M in satin black in stock?
This is not a commercial thread so I won't discuss availability here but I did receive your email and responded to your questions there.

Originally Posted by Samjam927 View Post
and will 225's and 255's fit on them and look good on a stock z4mr?
Yes, those sizes fit with great ease, they are undersized for the the Z4M can fit. A clean conservative fit is 235/265. But even 245/275 fits on the 9/10" wheels with no rubbing with most tires, although it's close inside and out.

Originally Posted by Incompatible
I would think that the 18x9.5” ET35: VIA15-0461 would fit the rear on the non-M cars. I have 18x9.5" et 43 on the rear mounted with oe size 255/35 tires with a lot of fender clearance. Taller/wider tire sizes might result in rub. The wheels look good.
9.5" et35 on a non M is a bit on the aggressive side. I'm not saying that it can't be done, but since we focus on performance setups (maximum rubber fitment) we don't recommend that wheel. If lap times aren't important and aesthetics are the priority, and et35 can be made to work with the right tire combo and a high likely hood of fender rolling.