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Originally Posted by Dubbedown View Post
If you're implying that I was being a hater, that was not the intent of my post. I just wanted to give everyone the newest "update" on this mod seeing how it was the folks at e90 who originated the process.
yea it sure is getting heated over their!!!!

either way, you have the people say it canít yet others say it can, itís just a big war over there, lol exciting.

naa Dubbedown I know your cool, just was pointing out that not everything one hears on the internet is necessarily true, Iím in the auto industry myself and have a friend that works in BMW design in Germany and things are not as complicated as it would seem.
everybody has different skill sets, and Iíve seen some amazing things that others can do that others say canít be done, hence why when people say this is beyond our skill level, I take it more as its beyond their skill level not mine, the people I work with everyday design these systems and itís their normal everyday job, but when you talk to the public itís like they look at you like rocket scientists.

One funny story is, BMW could not fix the stumble problem on their MINI cooper S platform, and a friend of mine broke BMW's code reworked the ECM programming and got rid of it. took it to the dealer and met with a rep, worked with BMW on the problem and BMW took the data, tested it and viola it worked and used his programming to fix the stumble. it helped in this matter he was a creditable engineer in a automotive software company. What Iím getting at is the world works in funny ways, and donít say it canít be done until everything has been exhausted. theirs a big difference in making a marketable software or item to sell, and if itís not within a price range its considered imposable to do. VS. just a one off that the person involved can achieve anything they deem is right for them, and spared no expense.

for instance making a kit or setup for dual exhaust on an I or Si would make no sense for a company and be considered non-doable because of the price and complexity, youíre better off buying an M, so you probably will find no body will jump in to make this a viable option unless you go it alone. but for me, I get the engine I want with the car I like and now I get the look I want. benefits to me is drivability, low maintenance engine, low insurance premiums and a beautiful car to cruise in.

again Iím not saying anybody is hating Iím just talking in generals.