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Craven is a great guy but unfortunately he's not correct about everything. and their is something I'm planning that will knock your socks off hopefully spring to summer ...also their is a way you can make your I think its an Si without even flashing the ecu .....wrap ones mind around that lol. found out how to do it a bot ago and its easier than you would think.

also you have to think of it like how Apple kept trying to keep people from jailbraking the iphone, the day the patch was released they hacked it. their is very few systems out their that can't be cracked and BMW systems though a pain are no different and in the hands of a skilled tuner its amazing what can happen.

also this all is relatively new, give it time. Shoot the mini when it came out people said it was impossible to hit 200hp now that's been blown away and people are chasing 300hp.

but again you'll see some very cool things coming soon.

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