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interested depending on discount.....
The point of the "unofficial" list is to put your name down, so that we can see what kind of numbers we're looking at. It's up to you guys if you'd like to join as the Group Buy progresses.

We just closed a very successful 1 series Group Buy yesterday. It reached the 3rd tier discount.

Unofficial Member List
1. Jrotax101 - square 17x9 - hyperblack - M3forums
2. EYEHAVEYOU - square 18x9.5 - hyper silver - M3forums
3. ariddler - square 18x9.5 - hyperblack - Zpost
4. Will V - square 17x9 - Satin Black - BF.C
5. F360C- 18X9.5F/18x10R - Satin Black - Zpost
6. alvinli217 - 18x8.5/18x10 - Hyper Black - Zpost
7. mousitch- 18X9.0F/18x10R - Satin Black - Zpost
8. Bammered- 18X9.5F/18x10R - Satin Black - Zpost
9. scottyp - square 18x9.5 - hyperblack - M3forum

There are many members who've shown interest but haven't signed the "unofficial" list on the other forums. They're waiting to see additional names, which only hurts the group buy, as it causes a cycle of waiting. This list is not an agreement to buy. If you think you're serious, and it's only the discount that is an issue for you, then sign the list so we can see what kind of discounts will be available.

Another note: Since this is the 9th or 10th group buy we've hosted, we've noticed that most people sign up in the last few days of payment, so early numbers are never an accurate prediction of who will participate.

These wheels are being sold at a discount before the driving/racing season begins for most members. After this Group Buy, the wheels will only be available at the regular price. So if you were considering them, now is a better time then any to join.

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