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Originally Posted by alvinli217 View Post
ok so lets say if it hits 19set on the GB list

and what i want is
18x8.5 (2)
18x10 (2)

does it stick with the level 2 of 18x10 discount(100 off)
18x8.5 discount(150 off)

sorry to be annoying but just to make sure how the level discount works since they are different amount of sets require for different levels
That's a good question. You split the difference, as each size is an independent group Buy, so your savings is $125. You're getting a $50 discount on the 8.5's ($100/2) and a $75 discount from the 10's ($150/2).

This is how we set things up in previous Group Buys and it works easier then it sounds. It's visually tricky to understand this time, as so many sizes are available from being listed on so many different forums. Normally we only offer a few sizes to a single forum, which makes it easier to write out.