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Originally Posted by mhrir View Post
I should get a commission for the number of times I have seen my car being used to hawk these wheels

Seriously though, I used them for 8 DE events last year and they performed flawlessly. My only comment is that the APEX wheel centers melted at the track! I bought some OEM BMW caps and they can take the heat.
You have a rare fitment, and people need to see it, because honestly that's how the Z4M should be setup for track duty

about 5 other people who heavily track their car (almost always have a bbk) mentioned that their caps popped out from heat. We weren't offered a different plastic compound at the time, but have recently changed the plastic material to a higher heat resistant material. They've been placed onto the new wheels being produced, but I don't have a box of spares yet. I will ship you new ones as soon as I get extras in hand.