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Originally Posted by -c- View Post
ok took the car out for the weekend as it was nice outside and gave it some real driving since the swap, still the factory ECU tune as i was curiouse to see the difference with just the manifold swap and nothing else.

was their a difference?


first gear pulles stronger than ever before feels like it added more than 10HP but then again stock dyno charts showed 10hp gains on a 3 series with a more restrictive exhaust than ours and the car had 120,000 miles on it so theirs no telling what the HP gains are but their is deffinetly an increase in performance.

the sound is also much more agressive, this i contribute to maybe the sound generator, as it was moddest at best with the single stage manifold but now its much more agressive with the new 3 stage manifold.

other than that the car drives normally and no bad side effects to be seen, once i get the AA tune done in the spring we will see what we were able to add. i chose to wait to tune it as i need to dyno the car to tune this properly and do a before and after tune so everyone can get real data. this way their will hard data.

and the tune will be made for this specific mod for our Z4's so i will let you all know as soon as i get real numbers.
If single stage intake is in same state as 3 stage for high end RPM range
then I doubt intake swap alone would add any high-end power. It might
change some mid-low range characteristics, but logically shouldn't make
any high-end change, right?

.... Unless ECU somehow recoginzes DISA motors and switches the algorithm....