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Originally Posted by fistingdwarves View Post
Hi all,

A related question from me. I also have an E85 Z4M Roadster, MY07. I'm not too concerned about the accuracy of the maps in my nav, but I'd dearly love for the maps to be prettier and more detailed (and in 3D?), just like you get if you buy a new BMW off the showroom floor today. So my question is this: if I replace my 2006 disc with the latest one for 2010 or 2011:

1. will that just update the map so that any new roads are included; or

2. will it add new road, AND also modernise the picture / interface?

(ps I'm also from Sydney, Australia. Obviously we're not the smartest cats over here!)

many thanks in advance

It won't look like the iDrive nav (which is what you'd get in a new BMW) but better than the 2D perspective.