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Fixed - Ignition lock is rattling

My steering column developed a rattle and I eventually found it was the key itself rattling audibly in the ignition when I go over mild bumps. It's surprisingly loud and rather annoying, like a handful of dimes rattling.

Upon investigation, there is noticeable slop between the key and the ignition lock. Also the part of the lock that receives the key and rotates [possibly the tumbler?] wobbleshas quite a bit of side-to-side within its housing. Seems on the loose side of 'normal'.

I have temporarily silenced the rattle with a sliver of duct tape along the wide face of the key, at the back. It snugs up the fit nicely. However the adhesive doesn't stick all that well to the metal key and a permanent remedy would be preferred.

Questions :

[1] Has anyone else had this happen?

[2] Does anyone know of a permanent fix? Other than replacing the lock?

[3] Do I need to be worried about the slop in the lock itself?

thanks for any info.



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