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[quote=inTgr8r;7159008]Don't forget the e46m3 vert tips the scales at 3760 (actual weigh in)
& then there's the drivers; 6sp vs auto with paddles?

& then there's the feeling.
There is nothing on this planet that feels like the S54. [
Interesting, thought it more like 3400lbs? Both were 6spds. And funny you mention that, 335 is his first boosted car, he said he can feel the lag sometimes and he's not used to it yet.
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Ya that 335i automatic transmission is amazingly fast at shifting. I almost wouldn't mind having a 335i auto....but I'd still rather have manual
I believe it, apparently auto tranny's have come a long way over the years (not that I'm old enough to know ha)

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I think LASTRU M is a good one. Having a drinking license plate isn't bad. And if someone doesn't quite get it it does look exactly like what you want it to say when you point it out!

My plate should be in in another week or two! Hate waiting 3 weeks after ordering, I am one of those "want it now" type people!
Good point, thanks. Yea, I don't think anybody likes waiting for anything!
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Who is "Everybody"???
Everybody meant the e46m driver, the 335i driver, the s/c c6 driver that was cruising with, as well as a cts-v, and supra. Maybe I took you a little too literal but you aren't surprised to hear this?