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Originally Posted by nmulax View Post
I like LASTRU M, 90% of the why I bought the Z4M (without ever having driven one) was because I knew I wanted the S54 motor.
Drove my buddy's e46 vert a long time ago for a little bit, fun motor. Test drove a z4mr around the block, didn't get to play much. Expect my future coupe to be a blast.

Originally Posted by Hawkeye View Post
Yeah, I like LASTRU M as well... although I thought it said Last Rum at first You little drunkard.
ha, nice. Any other idea how to write it? Only get 7 letters in PA. LSTRUE M ?
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^One of the main reasons that I came back.
We will never see the likes of the S54 again.
Probably because my buddy's new to him and completely stock 08 335i just put a beating on an e46m vert with headers, reflash, and exhaust (possibly an intake also). Pulled hard on him up top. All in a staight line anyway. Everybody was shocked. Maybe s54 isn't all it's cracked up to be??