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Hey guys,

E90M owner here. Got a post on m3post that there maybe a VRS GB on here.

Whats the eta on these products? Will it get here before Mfest? (Apr 16th)

Also, how are we paying for this? Are you a shop holding this GB? Sorry for all the questions. I know im new on this board.

But i do want the VARIS front lip with the extension:

FRONT SPOILER (with carbon lip) + EXTENSION LIP set
Price : ¥ 168,000 number: VAB-9204

Can anyone tell me whats:

< オプション >
● 交換用 C A R B O N L I P G U A R D(左右各1ヶ)
税込価格 :¥29,400  品番:VAB-9202 L or VAB-9202 R

That for?

I translated it in google but i dont understand it:

● replacement CARBON LIP GUARD (one on each side months)
Price : ¥ 29,400 number: VAB-9202 L or VAB-9202 R
Part-time replacement is damaged.


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