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Originally Posted by 2mnycars View Post
Rick one of your images brought back a horrible memory for me. that was the image of the woman being treated or kept in the psychiatric hospital.
In another lifetime I was regional engineer providing service at 900 sites including psychiatric hospitals.
One day I was taken on a tour of 32 admissions rooms in one facility. All were in use. Empty rooms. one new patient, newly admitted, in each room. Some on drugs. some drunk. some had refused medication. Off their meds.
It was a dark day for me. one day I hated.

Wow, that would be depressing. Sorry I prompted that memory!

The history of mental institutions in the U.S. demonstrates over and over again that good intentions can be quickly undone by ignorance and inadequate budgets.

Hope all is well up there in snowy Canada. (Wait, what am I saying? We've had three times the normal amount of snow so far here in Maryland, with much more expected tomorrow night…)