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Updated part of the list. When I came home my battery was dead and the tender my dad was trying to use wasnt working. Had to jump the car to get it going and had to get to a wedding. An Advanced Autoparts was the only place on the way so I checked their website and the list and went with the AutoCraft Gold Battery Part # 47H5. It works, the car starts and runs fine, but it DOES NOT fit under the battery cover for the MR. I dont know if the coupe has the same design, but the battery is not as long as the stock battery and doesn't fit under where the top of the battery cover on the MR has the sunken part for the air pump and where it screws down onto the battery mount. The connectors to the battery hit this part of the cover in the back just by a little bit and the cover will not bolt down the way it should.

Also, Advanced says the battery will work for the car, which it does, it just does not fit properly.