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So I finally finished getting the supercharger installed this past weekend, but have been experiencing hesitation issues when going WOT. Originally VF and I thought that maybe it was due to spark plugs. But after swapping out to a colder-running set of copper plugs, I still have the same issues. Anyway, this makes it so that I may not be able to track the car next Saturday. I spoke with Dave Mills and here are my options:
1) sell my spot to someone that wants to track in my place (or in a different run group if they have room) and lose $15 transfer fee
2) get a refund sans $45 fee anyone interested in going that has not yet signed up for Saturday May 25th?

BTW, I'll still be going to see you guys and probably do ride-alongs if you guys don't mind. But I just won't be driving my car

edit: a friend of mine is willing to let me track is bone stock Mazda RX-8, so I might just bring my car to the track to represent the Z4 crowd, but drive his car on track at worst case scenario (if I can't get my car running perfect by then).

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