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Originally Posted by NewZee View Post
Definately Top down in the Zee (especially with heated seats), in my old TR6 I used to put the top down in the spring and not put it up again till late fall, had a tonaeu cover covering half the cockpit, with the heat on full was quite cozy
I was top down two weeks ago when it was 32 degrees (and not sunny) and that's my new limit. I was cold! (but smiling). For me, it's the cold legs that get to me. similar to a tonneau cover keeping the warm air "in" I've been thinking of taking a section of wool blanket (plain fleece won't work, it passes too much air) and either with snaps or velcro attaching it to the lower, leading edge of the dash and then tucking the top over the lap section of the seat belt. This would create sort of an air seal up to my waist and the heat would warm my legs. Nutty idea?