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Originally Posted by 3point0 View Post
I just went to fill up the zed. Since I only got it out of storage on Saturday this is the first fill after burning off all that fuel stabilizer. Anyway I'm at the gas station pumping in the 94 octane stuff, conveniently priced at a paltry $1.53 a litre (roughly $5.75 a gal) when I feel a pair of eyes drilling into the back of my head, you know that feeling of being watched.
I turn around and see the chick in the next lane staring at me. She's filling her silverado. "Really?" she says, followed by "Not really droptop weather is it now?" Admittedly it was almost 9pm and barely 9 Celsius (48F) outside, but it's a clear night and I parked my car in my garage with the roof down when I got home from work, so I didn't put it up to go around the block and fill up. Before I even had the chance to reply she finished off with "Jerk" and left.

Quite why I'm the jerk for driving my car with the roof down at night I don't know (or care), but it made me think. Do any of you drive topless at night regardless of temp if it isn't raining? Would you drop the top if it was up? I know I have in the summer when it's still 25 c (77F).

Probably jealous of you. She saw your car and she's thinking, "Oh here's another one of those rich guys who thinks he's cool and has it all, showing off his Z4 driving around with the top down in cold weather in the middle of the night. What a jerk."

I drive my top down when it's in the 40s. I put on my skull cap and blast the heat. I'll drive it late at night and enjoy watching the moon and stars. I love it. If it's day time, I'll wear my sunglasses. I'm sure other people have looked at me and thought the same thing. I really don't care. I worked hard to get where I am at. I'm not showing off my car when I drive it around. I'm enjoying it. Can't people enjoy what they have these days without negative comments?