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Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
In the autocross word they typically say that on a 60 second course, same car and driver there should be a 1 sec difference from R-Comps and Street Tires.
I guess that's pretty much what I am getting. I thought they'd be good for double that in time savings, but I must admit I never really researched that properly.

Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
The technology these days with street tires are really amazing. The BFG Rivials, Dunlop Star Specs or now ZIIs and the Hankook RS3s are something to consider in the future, IMO. All meant for high performance driving.

The BFG Rivals are suppose to be the fastest tire so far, and it has been proving that with all of the independent tests that have been conducted.
I'll take a look at those BFG's and Hankook's when I am after new street tires, thanks. I didn't like the Star Specs on the Z4 though, thought they were only a small step up from the OEM contis. Everyone else seems to like them lots, so maybe it's just me. FWIW they are GREAT on the WRX, and I haven't tried the new version.

I quite like the Potenzas on the track. They came already on the wheels, and I have been pleased with them. IMO better than the Star Specs.

Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
Perhaps you should look into some Continental Slicks...some 17" sizes are on sale DIRT CHEAP

My track wheels are actually 18"s. I said smaller than my streets, because my streets are 19". I would have happily stuck with the OEM wheels, but they wouldn't clear the BBK of course, and spacers are illegal here.

Great price for people with 17" wheels and who love those discontinued Continentals! I've seen posts of people looking for them. Good price on 18" rears for the Z4 too but they don't have any fronts. Doesn't matter though, I should get another year on the BFG R1's. After that I want to try something really hardcore that wears out in 4 days.
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