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Originally Posted by Kgolf31 View Post
What slicks are you running?

It's a good reminded to people who aren't ready to run slicks what you "can" encounter. There is no forgiveness on R-Comps, let along vocal noise associated with it. When they want to go they'll let you know.

Good driving!
Slicks are BFG R1's. Not the stickiest tire (true to their Tire Rack feedback) but they are long lasting and I have no complaints. Yes, slicks are definitely not as vocal! Not such a bad thing though, it forces you to pay complete attention to the attitude of the car, which along with the engine pitch really tells you all you need to know. Once you get used to it, it feels like streets talk too much. The idea that they give up all at once takes longer to come to grips with, but it's worth it.

Speaking of being worth it though, I sometimes struggle to see the value. My best lap time on slicks on that track is 1:25:15. On streets my best time is 1:26:69. Just over 1.5 seconds. That's not much really.

Still, I much prefer the slicks, and you really can feel the extra grip. And I really like the idea that I'm not wearing out my road tires forcing them to do something they aren't designed for. And I love that they last much longer than street tires before handling turns to goo.

On the downside they take a little longer to warm up, there is an extra cost in wheels, they are unusable in the wet, and it's more messing around generally.

There is a good case for going either way. For me the extra grip and longer life per session is enough reason to feel they are worth it. But if time and money was a big factor, I'd prefer to spend it elsewhere.

Originally Posted by 330indy View Post
really fun to watch
love the multi-angles

glad it wasn't a serious mishap

how many miles on your ride? How's the clutch holding up?
Thanks buddy. Hopefully my next vid will be a step up with better views of the car itself and inside shots.

I'm slightly embarrassed to say my Z4 only has 16,500 miles on it. It's not my primary vehicle, and I ride bikes too. The clutch still feels perfect, perhaps as you'd expect on that mileage but considering the extra power from the VT1 it's not a given.

VT2-525 goes on in a couple of months. We'll see how the clutch survives that!
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