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Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post

VMZ432, thanks for sharing! Is that an APR wing I see on the back in the shadow? RPI exhaust?
Yeah, it's an APR wing, which I love! The exhaust (all stock except cans) is a KKS gated exhaust. It sounds close to stock when closed, but is decently loud when open (as it is in the vid of course).

Regarding the "near miss", I could have pulled it up quicker if I'd stayed hard on the brakes (like you're generally supposed to during a spin) but I could see I wasn't going to hit anything so I was more concerned with making the car end up in an easier spot to drive out of plus clear of any traffic. In retrospect, I should have just played it safe and got stopped as soon as possible.

The actual cause was a complete screw up of heel/toe finesse, so much so I had to lift my right foot and start again. This meant that I was braking way too hard through the corner, and the slicks just gave up all at once (as they do). On street tires things would have been a little different. I suspect there would have been more understeer for one, making the off a little safer in this case.

The funny thing was, right before this session I mentioned to someone in the pits it had been a long time since I'd had an off, like more than a year. How cliché....... what a stupid thing to say at the track! Just asking for trouble.

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