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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS View Post
I still have a soft spot in my heart for Z4M. The guys that know my history know I had the first supercharged Z4M in the US so working on Z4 again will be fun we just have not had the time this past year to do so.

As far as VT2-500 beta kits I would say 10-15 so it is pretty rare.
it really wont take much as well, its only the intercooler pipe work that needs work, everything else fits like a glove and looks wonderful, its the 550/575 kits we want :-)

The software needs alittle work as well now.... it would be nice to be able to have a revision then kit owners wont feel the need to ask other vendors to do tunes, nothing is perfect and can always been improved, this is my only arguement with Ess id like to see continuation on product development, answer this and your onto a winner ;-) I still love my kit after ALL these years.....
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