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Originally Posted by beta
Originally Posted by Jumbosock View Post
North American secondary cats are about 19lbs. Euro cats are about 22.5lbs. Just weighed both.
Originally Posted by IDLE TIME View Post
Our 100 cell cats weigh 7.01 lbs for the set
So it breaks down to:

Race mufflers 9.6 each, sport 11.2 each: 19.2 - 22.4
OEM is 22 lbs each: 44
-24.8 to -21.6

X-Pipe weighs 11 lbs.
Stock weighs 15 lbs
- 4

s-pipe (9lbs) + 100 cell cats (7lbs): 16 lbs
stock US is 19 lbs
- 3

Adding that all together we get 28.6 to 31.8 lbs weight savings.

Might have to remove 2 lbs or so for the race clamps, as they're 0.4 lbs each. So 30 lbs might be a reasonably close estimate.
Yes sir you are correct. I think that is a reasonable calculation