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Originally Posted by Roman@ESS
Originally Posted by tikamak View Post
I just asked AJ and the tune update is for the E46 M3 VT2-550 people not us.
This is correct, the software update is for the E46 VT2-550 kit which uses different software than the VT2-500 for the Z4M. The Z4M uses a different DME and does not share the same coding of the E46 DME.

Up until now we have been offering the VT2-500 for the Z4M in an unofficial fashon as it has not been an official production kit. We have made a few kits for those looking for more power over the VT1 kit. We have a new project Z4M that we will be devolping a true production VT2 kit on over the next 30-60 days. This kit will be a more refined version of the current beta VT2-500 kit. I will have more details on this kit very soon.

If you guys have questions on the product you can always email or PM me direct.
NOW!!! We are talking..... A true vt2 setup will only need minor tweaks from what you've got, does this mean an official 550/570kit will be coming to us, I'm glad you guys are working on the z4ms again :-)

Well done.
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