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Originally Posted by exdos View Post
Having seen the photos of the OEM engine mounts and visually comparing them with the Vibra Technics mounts, it looks to me that the vertical component (Y axis) of movement in the Vibra Technics mounts remains the same as OEM, but there is lesser movement in the horizontal planes (x and z axes). Surely, this is much the same as suspension components which attempt to limit movement to the one axis, only: i.e. Rear Trailing Arm Bush limiters?

Often, is the excessive movement of suspended parts which causes the repeated flexion cycles that creates metal fatigue, and reducing that movement will lessen the risk of failure.
pretty much what phil said on the phone in a previous convo.... the compeition mounts are no-where near solid so its a non issue ;-)
I agree however the fast road ones seem to be the complete win win, no NVH and a better control to things.....

again i wanted the comp ones for my own reasons otherwise id have just gone for the road versions....
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