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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
I was worried about/my point being the engine jerking around in the engine bay, caused by bumps and turns. Especially the s54 is a relative heavy engine with it's cast iron block.
Just like a very stiff shock absorber can damage the chassis with large bumps wheras a softer shock would have cushend the blow (resulting is less peak force).
Having seen the photos of the OEM engine mounts and visually comparing them with the Vibra Technics mounts, it looks to me that the vertical component (Y axis) of movement in the Vibra Technics mounts remains the same as OEM, but there is lesser movement in the horizontal planes (x and z axes). Surely, this is much the same as suspension components which attempt to limit movement to the one axis, only: i.e. Rear Trailing Arm Bush limiters?

Often, is the excessive movement of suspended parts which causes the repeated flexion cycles that creates metal fatigue, and reducing that movement will lessen the risk of failure.