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Yup, 2 screws. That is all I pulled. The General Module for body electronics is attached to the backside of the panel, so don't just yank the panel out. Lower it a bit after removing screws and you will see the module. It is held in place by two 8mm bolts that lag into the plastic panel. I also removed the passenger seat so I could stretch out a bit and work comofortably on my back. Be very patient, this job took me all of 8 hours total.

The TIS says to remove the glove box. I did that initially and also removed the passenger side knee airbag. It really did not give me any better access, I would have had to take out the fuse panel to be able to gain access to the actuator and gears. I found that I could do everything I needed to do by working on my back rather than taking the dash apart. Others may find it easier to follow the TIS and remove the glove box and air bag unit. If you are big,(I am 5'11" and 190 lbs.), you may not be able to do it the way I did.

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