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Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Seems to be paying off pretty well Gernard, seeing that when Lon went out with you for the last session in the rain at Laguna he gave a to your track driving. Not saying you don't have skills--you have to execute in what you're taught! I'm saying that I do think instruction in the early stages prevents bad habits, develops good habits, and sets the stage for rapid improvement that can springboard you to the next level more quickly. And, it's a plus on the safety front. I learned a lot from the Spec Miata guys who were instructors I had for my first couple of sessions out.
Thanks Ron and Lon. I'd like to think that it's attributed to a combination of my skill, the instructors, and the awesome car! Both instructors I've had so far have told me that I drive at a higher level than most people with 1 or 2 track days experience, and they said a lot of it has to do with my patience and willing to listen and apply very quickly. They've both definitely taught me good habits and curbed what would have been bad ones very early, so I am thankful for that.

So I've officially signed up for the Feb 18th day at Laguna Seca with an instructor, so see you guys there!