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update, email conversation came to a head today, phil asked me to call tomorrow morning, i will be getting Both road and race sets of mounts by friday :-)
i will be installing the Race one first to get an ideal of how severe they are, i want to jump straight into these are i can see these will offer the "greatest" difference.....
i'm hoping they wont turn the car into a vibrating annoyance as id prefer to have the stiffer Race units on the car....

now looking at the compression charts for both mounts, the curve is very similar albeit, higher up the graph, i think the competition mounts should in theory Still be able more than DDable....

Also Re the cross member, as i dont want to drop my car off for months on end, im going to strip out the stock one off my car and drop it off, ill push phil and ask if i can do this sooner rather than later as the car is sat doing nothing....

anyone got a picture of the stock part?? i can remember off hand what it looks like :-)
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